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 Naslov: HNS unanimously and strongly condemned the Attacks on the Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Source: https://www.sarajevotimes.com/hns-unani ... rzegovina/

HNS unanimously and strongly condemned the Attacks on the Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Responding to the reactions to the announcement of “the holding of a holy mass for Bleiburg victims, the General Council of the Croat People’s Assembly (HNS) unanimously and strongly condemned the attacks on the Catholic Church and Cardinal Vinko Puljic,” is stated by the HNS.

“We call on Bosniak political officials, and especially Bosniak members of the BiH Presidency Komsic and Dzaferovic, to refrain from commenting on issues for which they are completely incompetent, as well as to refrain from insulting the sacred religious rites of the Croat people in BiH,” the HNS added.

They stress that radical Bosniak and Philo-communist unitarians who interfere in the sacred rites of the Catholic Church are the same ones who systematically ignore the rule of law and the implementation of BiH Constitutional Court decisions ordering the harmonization of the Election Law with the BiH Constitution.

“What began with majoritarianism and the formation of power without the Croat electoral legitimacy continued with the denial of the principle of the constituency as the overriding principle of the BiH Constitution,” the statement said.

The HNS General Council states that such reactions of part of the political, media and “intellectual” Sarajevo are worrying recurrences of totalitarianism and pose a threat to freedom and equality of individuals and entire peoples, at a time when Europe celebrates Victory Day over fascism as one of the two totalitarian regimes.

“The Croat people reject all fascist and communist ideologies and their modern forms, which we still face these days, when we Croat Catholics, but not only Catholics, are being forbidden to pray for hundreds of thousands of killed innocent civilians, and soldiers without trial and with unmarked graves. Not only has no one been held accountable for these crimes of the communist army, but we are also being forbidden to remembering them. We are sending a message to everyone that we will no longer allow for it.

Croatian anti-fascists were the first in Europe to rise up against fascism long before the communists, who decided to do so only when their headquarters, the Soviet Union, was attacked.

“The General Council of the Croat People’s Assembly once again strongly condemned the attack on Cardinal Puljić and the announced holy mass for the victims of all totalitarian regimes – fascism and communism,” stated the council of the Croat People’s Assembly.

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